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We have one pinch hit. If you're interested in taking this assignment please send me your AO3 username on LJ/DW or email me at We'll need the pinch hit by April 6th at 11:59 PM CT.

Request 1 by TereziMakara
Fandom: Homestuck
Tags: Terezi Pyrope/Dave Strider, Gamzee Makara/Terezi Pyrope, Feferi Peixes/Vriska Serket, Roxy Lalonde/Latula Pyrope, Nepeta Leijon/Terezi Pyrope, Eridan Ampora/Karkat Vantas, Eridan Ampora/Sollux Captor, Terezi Pyrope, Latula Pyrope

Drawings/Paintings, Graphics
Nothing NSFW/sexual, please!

Some prompts to give you some ideas:

Gamzee/Terezi: Black or redrom; healthy, not canon compliant in terms of their relationship, please! I'd love something contrasting the good/bad dynamic, maybe a cop/criminal type deal? Or if redrom, maybe good cop/bad cop? Playful bickering? Hatedate? I'd rather them not be marred with a bunch of scratch or bite marks, or anything of that nature, if going the blackrom route, please!

Terezi/Dave: pale or redrom; cool kid shenanigans! What weird and hilarious antics do they get up to? Odd chalk drawings together? Partners in (fighting) crime?

Nepeta/Terezi: pale or redrom; anything cute, honestly! Roleplay shenanigans? Alternian adventures? Maybe just staying in to cuddle, and maybe kiss?

Feferi/Vriska: red or blackrom; pirate/mermaid antics? Or maybe rival pirate captains? Finding solace in each other, with both of them understanding how it is to care for a giant, dangerous lusus?

Eridan/Karkat: redrom; Karkat begrudgingly allowing Eridan to wrap his scarf around him, since Karkat has a lower cold tolerance, but drawing the line at the cape, despite Eridan's insisting? Falling asleep on each other?

Eridan/Sollux: blackrom; bickering, banter, blackflirting! Maybe some middle fingers, some irritatingly sharp-toothed grins? Sollux using his psionics to mess up Eridan's hair, or his cape? Blackrom shenanigans, just nothing extremely violent or anything.

Roxy/Latula: redrom; rad girls together! Arcade date? Latula teaching Roxy to skateboard? Shenanigans they get up to!

Terezi or Latula by themselves is cool too! Anything rad, maybe involving dragons, would be grand!

Feel free to combine prompts, if you'd like! Another idea for the pairs, a formal dance or masquerade setting would be great! I'm cool with a humanstuck au as well, if you'd like to go that route!

Request 2 by TereziMakara
Fandom: Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types
Tags: Souda Kazuichi/Tanaka Gundam, Sonia Nevermind/Owari Akane, Mioda Ibuki & Souda Kazuichi, Hinata Hajime & Souda Kazuichi, Mioda Ibuki/Pekoyama Peko, Kirigiri Kyouko/Celestia Ludenberg, Souda Kazuichi, Kimura Seiko

Drawings/Paintings, Graphics

Nothing NSFW/sexual, please!

Some prompts to give you some ideas:

Kazuichi/Gundam: I love their bickering, and their antagonizing of each other, especially with how it started off one-sided on Kazuichi's part and then Gundam grew annoyed by his antics. I'd love something that kinda shows them at a point where they've kind of got some romantic feelings they're dealing with, but also there's still some residual animosity because of however long they'd been jabbing at each other. Kazuichi, being the scaredy cat he is, getting spooked by something or other, clinging onto the closest person to him, who happens to be Gundam, resulting in embarrassment for both? One doing something that helps the other out, but claiming it's only to benefit themself, the aid to the other was only coincidence? Tentative hand holding? Something of that nature!

Sonia/Akane: princess/peasant situation! Maybe princess/knight? Akane using her talent to take Sonia to places with the most stunningly beautiful views? Sonia inviting Akane to her homeland, her castle, having a royal feast of a picnic prepared for them, where Akane can eat as much as she desires? Fun at the beach?

Ibuki/Peko: Ibuki getting Peko to open up more, maybe even crack a smile would be great! Maybe more hand holding along the beach that Peko claims never happened? Ibuki using fluffy animals to coax Peko into a smile maybe?

Kyouko/Celestia: I'd love a detective/criminal type deal! Kyouko doesn't have quite enough evidence to incriminate Celestia, but she knows it's her, and Celestia is aware as well. Lingering touches, stolen kisses, something of that nature!

Ibuki & Kazuichi: They'd make great friends! I just want to seem them happy, hanging out together; Ibuki could help him work through and get over his obsession with the princess, and they'd have a lot of fun! What shenanigans would they get up to?

Hajime & Kazuichi: soul friends! I love their friendship as well, and just want anything where they're happy hanging out together! Arcade? Cinema? Pizza?

I also love Seiko and Kazuichi on their own, and would love any art of them, if you'd prefer just single characters! As long as they're happy!

Feel free to combine prompts, if you'd like! Another idea for the romantic pairings, a formal dance or masquerade-type setting would be cool!

Request 3 by TereziMakara

Fandom: Free!
Tags: Matsuoka Rin/Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto/Yamazaki Sousuke, Mikoshiba Momotarou/Nitori Aiichirou, Hazuki Nagisa & Yamazaki Sousuke, Hazuki Nagisa/Ryuugazaki Rei, Matsuoka Rin, Matsuoka Gou

Drawings/Paintings, Graphics

Nothing NSFW/sexual, please!

Some prompts to give you some ideas:

Rin/Haru: I'd love really anything with them! Maybe something set during their trip to Australia? Or another impromptu trip altogether? Hanging at the beach? Maybe a similar setting as the OVA, water gun fight? Olympic AU?

Makoto/Sousuke: Something with Makoto doting over Sousuke, helping him with his shoulder? Sousuke helping Makoto teach kids how to swim? More OVA stuff, water gun fight? Maybe Sousuke takes a break from the Samezuka maid café to hang out with Makoto?

Momo/Nitori: Momo taking Nitori somewhere fun? Local fair, carnival, festival? Maid café shenanigans? Playing around in Samezuka's pool when they should be training?

Nagisa/Rei: something cute! Study date? Going out for something sweet? I don't really have anything in particular in mind for them!

Nagisa & Sousuke: I absolutely loved that scene in the OVA where Nagisa wanted to buy some of the shark fin food (I still don't remember what it was called) for Sousuke, and he just couldn't say no to Nagisa. Anything with them hanging out! Nagisa getting Sousuke to smile? Trying more odd foods at a bunch of cafés? Nagisa deciding to help out at Samezuka's maid café with Sousuke?

The Matsuoka siblings are great, and I'd also love art of either of them as well! Maybe something shark-themed with Rin? Gou working on something for the Iwatobi team?

Feel free to combine prompts, if you'd like! Another idea for the romantic pairs, a formal dance or masquerade setting would be great! Future Fish AU is cool too!

Request 4 by TereziMakara
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Tags: Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino, Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, Leo de la Iglesia/Ji Guang-Hong, Mila Babicheva & Yuri Plisetsky, Jean-Jacques Leroy & Yuri Plisetsky, Michele Crispino/Emil Nekola, Mila Babicheva, Georgi Popovich, Minami Kenjirou

Types: Drawings/Paintings, Graphics

Nothing NSFW/sexual, please!

Some prompts to give you some ideas:

Mila/Sara: something sweet! Maybe cheering on their friends together? Going out for something sweet to eat? Stroll through a local park before a competition? Pair skate?

Otabek/Yuri: I'd prefer Yuri to be a couple years older, if you go this route! The exception to that, them hitting up cafés, talking for hours, catching up, getting to know each other, growing closer; something like that I'd be fine with them at current canon age! Maybe they both place, and after the competition is over, they celebrate together? Walks through a city park? Fantasy AU?

Leo/Guang-Hong: sightseeing together before a competition? Attending a local festival at wherever the competition will be taking place? Meeting at the airport? Snugglin' up in a hotel room? Pair skate?

Michele/Emil: Emil amused at how easy he's able to get a rise out of Michele? Michele getting flustered easily when Emil asks him out for something that sounds suspiciously like a date? Competing in training, trying to out-perform each other? Ending up in a pair skate competition somehow?

Mila & Yuri: lots of hugs from Mila, which he acts like irritate him but he actually really appreciates her friendship? Skate practice together? Mila getting Yuri to laugh? Yuri showing his appreciation for her?

Jean-Jacques & Yuri: JJ annoying Yuri! Yuri's irritation and JJ's amusement? I'd love something depicting JJ's playful antagonizing of Yuri, and Yuri's irritation, but also that that they do consider each other friends despite that?

Art of Mila, Georgi, or Minami on their own is welcome too! I love Mila and would be happy for anything of her! I'd love something of Georgi in his skate outfit, with all his makeup, bein' all emotional, because he is great! Also Minami is very cute, him in his skate outfit would be great!

Feel free to combine prompts, if you'd like! Another idea for the romantic pairs, a formal dance or masquerade setting would be great! Maybe it's held after a big competition? Maybe it's on ice?

Request 5 by TereziMakara
Fandom: Motorcity
Tags: The Duke of Detroit/Rayon, Claire/Julie Kane, Mike Chilton/Chuck Dutch/Texas Mike Chilton/Chuck/Dutch/Julie Kane/Texas, Foxy/Julie Kane, Mike Chilton/Red (Motorcity), The Duke of Detroit, Red (Motorcity), Foxy (Motorcity)

Drawings/Paintings, Graphics, Backgrounds/Scenarios

Nothing NSFW/sexual, please!

Some prompts to give you some ideas:

I'm totally cool with focusing on the background/scenery for this, with maybe the characters' cars or one of them silhouetted against the backdrop. The background art in the show is absolutely beautiful, and I'd love any art of one of the scenes in Motorcity (it is much more pretty there than in KaneCo's "utopia") or perhaps your take on a place not depicted in the show?

Art of the Duke, Red, or Foxy by themselves would be great too! I absolutely love the Duke, and anything with him and his cars would be welcome! Red is also an interesting character, him in his high-tech armour, or perhaps your take on what he looks like without his mask would be great! Also Foxy is awesome, any art of her (and maybe her girls?) would be cool!

The Duke/Rayon: secret meetings between rival gang bosses! Unspoken romantic tension, suave Rayon with an more flustered Duke?
Maybe Rayon required the Duke's help for something or other, and before furthering negotiations, he demands Rayon kiss his gators if he wants to continue, and Rayon responds unexpectedly?

Mike/Chuck: scaredy cat Chuck clinging to an unfazed Mike who's more than willing to hug him close and comfort him? Nothing in particular in mind, anything cute would be great!

Claire/Julie: Julie coaxing Claire down to Motorcity and taking her out for a drive? Maybe Julie showing her a beautiful sight? Going for a swim?

Mike/Red: something with them sparring? I could see Red dropping in on Mike, often when he's not expecting him, and they spar, as a way for Red to release pent-up anger and energy, which Mike is more than willing to help him with, and afterwards, they sit or lay down, drenched in sweat, as things cool down; Red is at his most vulnerable then, lets down his walls, some days moreso than others; maybe he even takes off his helmet at one point? I'd love a depiction of one of these scenes; intimacy that's more romantic-coded would be welcome too!

Julie/Foxy: meeting in secret? Julie keeps going back to Foxy, maybe on missions or seeking help, despite there being some tension between them? Stolen kisses in dark corridors?

Dutch/Texas: Texas being Texas and annoying Dutch while he's working? Texas picking up Dutch in a strong hug? Dutch painting something loud and wild and totally Texas for him?

Mike/Chuck/Julie/Texas/Dutch: This one may be a bit difficult, with five characters, but something where they're all happy and love each other lots! Doesn't really matter what they're doing!

Feel free to combine prompts, if you'd like! Another idea for the pairings, a formal dance or masquerade setting, set in Motorcity, would be great!

Request 6 by TereziMakara
Fandom: Video Blogging RPF
Tags: Matthew Patrick/Stephanie Patrick/Nathan Sharp, Matthew Patrick/Nathan Sharp, Matthew Patrick/Stephanie Patrick, Suzy Berhow/Holly Conrad

Drawings/Paintings, Graphics


Nothing NSFW/sexual, please!

Some prompts to give you some ideas:

Matt/Steph/Nate: I love Matt and Steph, and loved when they had Nate on their stream, it is a very funny video to watch! Matt and Nate's other collaborations are wonderful, as well! I'd love something with them all hanging out, maybe piled up on the couch for a stream or to watch a movie, or maybe out for a stroll on a windy autumn or chilly winter day; Matthew with his lovely wife on one side and his boyfriend on the other. Maybe they all go out for something sweet to eat? Video game competition? Matt and Steph helping Nate record a song? Pokémon AU, set in Johto? Really anything with the three of them together!
I'd rather Nate and Stephanie be only platonicly involved, so it's a V with Matt in the middle!
Just Matt/Steph or Matt/Nate is fine as well, I'd just really prefer them all together, but if that's what you'd rather do, go for it!

Holly/Suzy: gosh they're cute; anything for them, honestly! Picking flowers and making flower crowns? Suzy helping Holly with her birds? Couples cosplay? Punk/pastel thing?

Another idea for any of the pairings, a formal dance or masquerade setting would be cool! I realize this may be difficult to pull off with the poly pair, but it's still an idea!

Request 7 by TereziMakara

Fandom: X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies)
Tags: Peter Maximoff/Kurt Wagner (Alt Timeline), Jubilation Lee/Ororo Munroe (Alt Timeline), Jubilation Lee & Kurt Wagner (Alt Timeline), Peter Maximoff & Ororo Munroe (Alt Timeline), Kurt Wagner (Alt Timeline), Jubilation Lee (Alt Timeline), Peter Maximoff (Alt Timeline)

Drawings/Paintings, Graphics


Nothing NSFW/sexual, please!

Some prompts to give you some ideas:

Peter/Kurt: Their combination of mutations and personalities make for such an interesting dynamic! Maybe something set during training? Sharing small kisses between classes? Spending time together in their off time, maybe out in the schoolyard, the library, or a dorm? Listening to music together?

Jubilee/Ororo: Another duo with kind of similar powers! Jubilee's powers weren't shown in the movies, and I've heard she's had a bunch of different ones in the comics and whatnot, so take liberty with that, if her powers are depicted! Jubilee waiting for Ororo to finish training, ready with movie tickets or sweets, or something for them to enjoy together? Getting up to mischief together, messing with the electricity in the mansion or the weather? Watching fireworks together? Arcade date?

Kurt & Jubilee: Jubilee showing Kurt more of America? Clothes shopping together, or maybe another mall trip? Best friend sleepover?

Peter & Ororo: Bonding over them being the newbies to the school, kind of distant from the rest? Confiding in each other? Maybe working through thieving impulses they sometimes still get, from Ororo having to steal food before, and Peter being a former kleptomaniac? Maybe a partners in crime scenario/au?

Art of Peter, Kurt or Jubilee on their own are welcome too! I don't have any specifics for any of them, I just really enjoy the characters and would love anything involving them!

Feel free to combine prompts, if you'd like! Another idea for the romantic pairs, a formal ball or masquerade setting would be cool! Maybe there's one held at the mansion for school reasons, or in celebration of something?


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