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How does the Art Fever exchange work?
Participants sign up on AO3 and then get matched up with other participants. Everyone makes a gift of fanart and receives a gift of fanart. Art Fever is an anonymous exchange, meaning that no one is supposed to know who is making a gift for them until after artist reveals.

What type of art is allowed?
Most of the participants are expecting drawings, paintings, or comics. Graphics/photo-manips are also allowed.

What type of art isn't allowed?
Traces, recolors, and art made using doll-makers or other art generators are not allowed. For legal reasons, photos of minors (age less than 18) are not allowed to be used in pornographic gifts. Graphics should be significantly different from their source images (e.g., a single level-adjusted photo with added text would not be appropriate for the exchange).

What is the minimum for gifts?
Art Fever is about having fun and is open to artists at any skill level. I won't exclude gifts based on skill or style. Gifts just need to be complete and made in good faith. Complete just means that you satisfied with the piece's progress and aren't posting it as an unfinished place-holder. Good faith means that you avoided your recipients DNWs and tried to make a gift that you believe they would like.

Can I write for my recipient?
Your main gift must be art. If you wish, you may include a small amount of writing with your gift, but anything longer than 100 words must be submitted as a separate treat.

Can I make multiple gifts?
Yes! The only gift that you're required to make is the one assigned to you, but if you have extra time you can make extra gifts (treats) for your recipient or other participants. There will be a separate sub-collection on AO3 where you can submit extra gifts.

What happens during the nomination period?
During nominations, people can nominate fandoms, characters, and ships that they would like to see in the exchange. Each AO3 user will be allowed to nominate 1-4 fandoms, 1-5 characters, and 1-5 ships. If a fandom isn't nominated it will not be available during sign-ups.

Are there any fandom limitations?
Art Fever doesn't limit fandoms by size or popularity. Most traditional fandoms and RPF will be eligible. Contemporary (1900+) RPF must not include non-celebrities or people currently under the age of 18.

What ships can be nominated?
There are no relationship restrictions. Pairs and poly ships are allowed. Art Fever allows both romantic and non-romantic ships and uses AO3's shipping conventions ("A/B" = "romantic and/or sexual ship of A with B" while "A&B" = "non-romantic and non-sexual ship of A with B").

Do I need to nominate separate characters if I want to nominate a ship of those characters?
No. Character nominations are for people who plan to request or offer single characters. If you're only interested in a ship then you shouldn't nominate individual characters.

How do I nominate a crossover character or pairing?
If the characters exist in the same universe you can nominate the pairing under the fandom of your choice. Please add the fandom to the pairing tag (Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne (DCEU)). If they don't exist in the same universe then you should nominate them under Crossover Fandom and tag the characters with their respective fandoms (Clark Kent (DC Comics)/Stanford Pines (Gravity Falls)). Characters can also be nominated under Crossover Fandom and they should be tagged with their fandom/crossover fandom (Clark Kent (DC Comics/X-Files)). You can also nominate universes under Crossover Fandom (DC Comics Universe/X-Files Universe).

Is it okay to ask for crossovers if my character/pairing wasn't nominated under Crossover Fandom?
Yes. You can still use your optional details to request crossovers and fusions.

How will sign-ups work?
Each participant can make 3-6 requests. Each request must include 1 fandom, 0-6 characters (including Any), 0-6 ships (including Any), and 1-3 additional tags. You may also include DNWs, option details, and a link to a request letter if you'd like.

You will also need to make 3-6 offers. Each offer must include 1 fandom, 0-6 characters (including Any), 0-6 ships (including Any), and 1-3 additional tags.

What are DNWs?
DNWs are "Do Not Wants". They're anything that you really don't want to receive in a gift.

What does "Any" mean?
Any means that you are requesting or offering any nominated character or ship. Characters or ships that were not nominated are not included under "Any".

What are the additional tags?
The additional tags are "Type - Drawings/Paintings", "Type - Graphics", and "Genre - Backgrounds/Scenarios". You'll need to pick at least one "Type" tag for your requests and offers. The backgrounds/scenarios tag is optional. If you would like to be matched with people who are requesting or offering backgrounds/scenarios (art that doesn't focus on characters or ships) then you can add the tag to your sign-ups.

How will I be matched?
Matching will be made based on shared characters, ships, and additional tags.

What is the pinch hit list?
The pinch hit list is a list of recipients who aren't matched to anyone, either because no one offered what they requested or because their gifter defaulted. Pinch-hitters are people who offer to make a gift for someone on the pinch hit list.

What if I can't finish the exchange?
Please default on AO3 as soon as possible. You can do this by going to your assignments page and clicking "Default" on your assignment. The sooner you default the sooner I can get a pinch-hitter for your recipient. There is no penalty for defaulting, however I will not assign a pinch-hitter to you if your artist defaults.

What if my assignment won't be done by the deadline?
Contact the mod before the deadline. You just need to email me and let me know how long it will take you. You will be automatically defaulted if you do not contact me by the deadline.

I have a question that wasn't covered by the FAQ. How can I contact you?
You can leave on this post or send my a PM on LJ. You can also send me an email at

Date: 2016-09-23 04:51 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hello! There's a question over on FFA about what the "Genre - Backgrounds/Scenarios" tag means.


Date: 2017-02-03 03:26 pm (UTC)
foxinthestars: cute drawing of a fox (Default)
From: [personal profile] foxinthestars
I first encountered the FAQ on Ao3 and wondered about this, so you might want to make the FAQ update there, too.


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