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You can link your letters here. Make sure to include your AO3 username. The LJ post is here.

Last round, some people said they weren't sure how to write art prompts. There's no wrong way to go about it but some general tips are:

  • List Do Not Wants and Likes (art tropes, fan tropes, kinks, plots, art styles (do you want canon-style?), typography, etc)

  • Mention what you like about a character/ship/fandom (this can help your artist brainstorm their own ideas)

  • Short actions can make great prompts ("X throws a sleep over", "X and Y [do thing] together", "Z is comforting X", etc)

  • AUs can work well too ("Vampire AU", "Y as a Junji Ito character", "this canon as an anime")

  • Describe scenes in detail

  • If you picked something from Original Works or Crossover Fandom, it can be helpful if you explain what drew you to that tag. For instance, if you picked "A Tree" what sort of tree are you interested in seeing? An inked birch? Something Yggdrasil-like? A man-eating tree?

  • Fic prompts can be good for art too but it can be helpful to single out a few images from a story idea that you'd be interested in seeing in case your artist doesn't have time to make comics/animations

  • If you ask for banners, wallpapers, icons, reaction images, pixels, or transparents make sure to specify what sizes you would need

  • Remember that your requests can be as long or as short as you want.

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Art Fever is a multi-fandom fanart fest and an exchange. The prompt fest will be held on LJ and the exchange will be held on AO3.

Fest Schedule:
Fest Opens: Aug 28th OPEN
Fest Closes: Nov 20th

Exchange Schedule:
Nominations: Aug 28th - Sept 11th Tag Set
Sign-Ups: Sept 14th - Sept 28th [Requests]
Assignments Due: Nov 6th
Reveals: Nov 13th
Artist Reveals: Nov 20th


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