Feb. 17th, 2016 10:47 am
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Matching ended up being a bit trickier than I expected but it's almost done. I have contacted one person on LJ so please check your inboxes. There will be two initial pinch hits. I'll post them after I hear back from the person contacted.
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If you notice something in the tag set that needs to be adjusted let me know. Sign-ups will open on Wednesday.
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Some people have mentioned that they would have preferred a longer nomination period and a larger tag set. I'm fine with re-opening nominations and extending them for a while. Would you like me to do so? And how long would you like to see them extended?

I have re-opened the nominations. Some people have suggested keeping it open about a week. If we did that then nominations would close next Monday and sign-ups would open next Wednesday. Sign-ups probably wouldn't close until Saturday Feb 13th. I'm going to give everyone more time to chime in before I make official changes to the schedule.

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I’ve opened up the tag set for nominations. You can nominate up to 4 fandoms with up to 5 characters and ships per fandom. Nominations will be open until Friday January 22nd at 8:00PM central time (UTC-06:00).
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Art Fever is a multi-fandom fanart fest and an exchange. The prompt fest will be held on LJ and the exchange will be held on AO3.

Fest Schedule:
Fest Opens: Feb 1st
Fest Closes: April 6th

Exchange Schedule:
Nominations: Jan 15th - Feb 1st
Sign-Ups: Feb 3rd - Feb 15th
Assignments Out: Feb 17th
Assignments Due: March 31st
Reveals: April 6th
Artist Reveals: April 9th


Fest FAQ || Exchange FAQ
AO3 || [ profile] artfeverfest|| [ profile] artfeverfest


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